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Citizen Watches: An Affordable Luxury!

Citizen Watches: An Affordable Luxury!

The Citizen company specializes in the manufacture of high quality and advanced technology watches. It deals with the integrated process of making watches, ranging from the creation of the individual parts of the watch to the final assembly. Citizen watches are characterized by affordable luxury and high technology.

Citizen Watches: Better Starts Now!

From its foundation in 1918, it has established itself as a world-wellknowned watch maker. The company is active in more than 100 countries around the world. The motto of the company since its inception is as follows: “Better Starts Now”, meaning that it does not matter who you are and what you do, because you can always do something better and now is the time to do it! In particular, the company uses and applies this belief every day, by making watches, inventing new technologies, improving existing ones, and broadening the wider future of watches. Citizen believes that watchmaking is in progress and always needs improvement, for the better performance and accuracy of a clock. There is no limit to innovation and the improvement of watchmaking.

Citizen Watches are pioneering with new technologies and sophisticated watch features.

Some of the technologies they use are the following:

  • Eco Drive

Eco-Drive watches are ecological and require no battery, but they charge from any natural or artificial light source. This technology was a challenge for the company, as it wanted to ensure that a Citizen watch would never stop working anywhere in the world. The latest innovation of the company is Bluetooth technology. Connect Citizen men’s watches to your Bluetooth mobile phone and synchronize the time and date with your mobile phone, call you for calls, messages, and emails.

  • Super Titanium

Citizen Company is even innovating in the materials it uses to make watches. In 1970, it was the first attempt to create the world’s first watch from solid and light titanium, hypoallergenic and rust-resistant. Over time, Super Titanium has been created, achieving more than five times the hardness and durability of stainless steel and providing maximum comfort. Citizen watches stand out for their durability.

Product ID: BN0151-17L
Product ID: BZ1001-86E
Product ID: BJ2111-08E
  • Satellite Wave GPS

In 2011 Citizen Company invented for the first time the unique Satellite Wave GPS tracking technology, whereby clocks receive time signals from GPS satellites and display the exact time and date anywhere in the world. These Citizen watches do not require battery change or time adjustment.

  • Radio Controlled Technology

Citizen Company launched the world’s first radio-controlled watch in 1993. A radio-controlled clock automatically receives signals from radio towers that have time, day and date information.

Product ID: AT8110-61E
Product ID: AT9036-08E
Product ID: AT9030-55L

The collections of Citizen watches are characterized by a wide variety and are designed to meet the needs of every consumer. New Citizen Watches can be found in our shop in Thessaloniki and of course online! For more men’s watches see the whole new collection!


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