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Jewelry Maintenance: Everything You Need To Know!

Jewelry Maintenance: Everything You Need To Know!

In our store you will find unique jewels destined for a lifetime! We guarantee the unmatched quality of our products! Nevertheless, proper jewelry maintenance is necessary to get the maximum desired result and keep your jewels beautiful and shiny for longer time.

Below we have created a guide for proper jewelry maintenance, giving you some tips for their proper care.

Jewelry Maintenance: Proper care for your favorite jewelery

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  • Jewelry Maintenance Tip # 1 Do not wear jewelry when you are doing housework

    In our everyday life and even more by doing manual work, we can get in touch with various chemicals from cleaners, which can affect the glow of our jewelry. Also wearing them in such jobs is likely to be “injured” and create signs.

  • Jewelry Maintenance Tip # 2 Do not wear jewelry when you are training

    Human sweat is acidic and can make signs in your jewelry, but also activities like swimming in a pool can spoil and discolor the jewelry metals due to chlorinated water.

  • Jewelry Maintenance Tip # 3 Do not wear jewelry when you care yourself!

    Most cosmetics, such as colognes, body creams, lacquers, etc, contain ingredients that can affect and damage your jewelry.

  • Jewelry Maintenance Tip # 4 Clean your jewelry with care

    In order to maintain the original condition of your jewelry, you must give them to a goldsmith workshop to treat them properly or even yourself at your home. A gold jewelry can be restored to its original condition by rubbing it gently with a little toothpaste with a soft brush. After application, rinse thoroughly with plenty of water and wipe carefully with a cloth and not with paper or paper to avoid scratches. Also, you can dissolve a little liquid soap in lukewarm water and dip a soft brush on it to clean your jewelry.

    You should be very careful throughout the process of maintaining your jewelry, both in terms of the way and the materials you will use.


    Gofas συντήρηση

    It is very important to know that some “damaged” jewelry would not be right to clean it yourself but to a specialist. Also, the maintenance of decorated jewelry with mineral stones requires particular attention. It is very easy to spoil or even destroy their stones. It is a good idea your jewellery to be checkek by an experienced jeweler in a reasonable time to get a more specific look for them.

    Finally, the storage of your jewelery is also very important. Proper storage is a way to avoid any damage or scratch but also to keep them organized.

    Do not forget that any gold jewelry can return to its original condition after the care it deserves.

    So we recommend to address only to specialists! For any information regarding jewelry maintenance or anything else, you can contact us at 2310334511 or visit our store! We hope our tips will help you keep your jewelry in good condition for a long time! Our online store awaits you with a full range of cristening crosses, engagement rings and wedding rings to choose whatever suits you!