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Water Resistant Watch: Maintenance and Proper Use in Water

Water Resistant Watch: Maintenance and Proper Use in Water

The summer is here, holidays for many of you have already begun or for others start shortly. The suitcases with the necessities are being prepared. Your favorite watch is one of them. But do you have a waterproof watch to withstand diving in the sea and water sports?

Let’s take things from the beginning. Each watch has a different water resistance, which is determined by the manufacturer. Most watches are water resistant, which means that they have water resistance, such as accidental contact with water, like water of rain or wash our hands. Real waterproof watches, those that can be immersed in water, wear them at sea or doing water sports should be specifically labeled.

Keep your waterproof watch dry

There are many times that our watch has ‘picked up’ water while we thought it was waterproof. Theoretically, washing our hands at a normal water temperature, our watch does not have a tightness problem.

However, if maintenance has not been properly maintained or has never occurred, then some water droplets may penetrate the clock case. Also a very important reason we can see these droplets is hot water. A watch must never come into contact with warm or hot water.
Because of the water vapor created, the contraction and the expansion of the temperature change, it is very easy to get water into our watch through the buttons, the lid or its flange.

How Waterproof Is My Watch?

Not all men’s watches are suitable for swimming or diving. A truly waterproof watch has 10 ATM, 10Bars or 100 M and upwards on the dial or back. For diving the watches with 20 ATMs and for Scuba Diving with 30 ATMs are more suitable.

Watches with 10 ATM

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Watches with 20 ATM

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Watches with 30 ATM

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Any watch that shows a smaller number than that, needs special attention with water. In the table below you can see what each indication means:

My waterproof watch ‘got’ water

If the glass of your watch has blurred and water vapor is created, it is not a good sign. After a few days water vapor disappears, but the bad thing has already happened. To avoid the worst, such as rusting on the clock mechanism, you should first pull out the crown of the clock so the pointers stop working and then visit your watchmaker to open and dry in the right way your watch.
It should be good if you check your waterproof watch for its tightness once a year and especially shortly before your summer vacation. Also, these watches, if opened for any reason, such as battery change, must be re-sealed. Do not forget that after any activity at sea, washing with fresh water is necessary! This will give us longer life in our waterproof watch.

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In our store we have the experience and the right partners to control and maintain your waterproof watch. There is also a wide variety of men’s watches. Do not hesitate to visit us or contact us for more information.

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