Methods of Payment

Methods of Payment

1. Credit / Debit Card:

Each purchase placed at can be paid by choosing one of the credit card options (VISA or MASTERCARD).  There is the ability to provide interest-free installment (1 to 12 installments above 100€).

The transactions are made securely online in real-time, between the buyer and the owner of the card with AlphaBank, which processes the transaction on behalf of There is the possibility to provide interest-free installment for the client (1 to 12 installments).

In this process, has no involvement and sensitive credit / debit card details are not stored in the system.

If the buyer making the transaction is not the same person as the owner of the credit card, is not responsible and has no obligation to refund.

2. Paypal:

The PayPal lets you pay directly and automatically encrypts confidential data using the best technology in the market.

3. Wire Transfer:

You can choose the bank that is more convenient to you and deposit the amount of your order. If you select that way of payment, please contact us as soon as possible, in order to reserve your selected items.

Phone Number: +30 2310 303707, 2310334511


Fax: +30 2310 319562

Bank Account Details:

Eurobank: 0026.0257.22.0200876453 (I.B.A.N.: GR8202602570000220200876453)

Piraeus: 5239-051290-195 (I.B.A.N.: GR50 0172 2390 0052 3905 1290 195)

AphaBank: 849-002101-050577 (I.B.A.N.: GR2901408490849002101050577)

Don’t forget to write your FULL name or your order number in your deposit receipt and please send us a copy of that.

If you don’t transfer the money within two days from the day of the order, it will be automatically cancelled.

The buyer will be charged with the bank commission.

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